Photography is a big unknown. It demands to show the truth but It is a mediated experience of reality. It doesn’t feed on itself. Photography it’s a product of connection of light and perception of that. It's my demonstration of trust in the life process. It knows me before I meet me. I feel that photography is a simple thing. To me It’s a way to perceive myself in the right place at the right time.
The sun is my Lord, nature walks up to me as a deep connection to facts. I know that objectivity doesn’t exist so I decide to be sure of my surreal vision. I love humans and their tales and creations. I don't believe in random meetings and I have faith in changes. 
My photos are based on all of that.
My work is like tree in the deserted forest. If someone will see it I will be very glad, otherwise It will have existed because It had to exist and it will still be a great party. I feel like him.
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