Laura Salomoni is a 24 year old photographer based in Milan. She studied photography at Mohole, art’s academy. She graduated with full marks. In 2019 she won a school award as “best photography student of the year”.
She is a member of the DIY association based in Milan. She is currently a freelance and recently she had artistic features with musicians and directors. Her authors of reference are Max Siedentopf, Ren Hang, Rober Frank and Gueorgui Pinkhassov. 
She is interested in themes related to psychological, social issues and popular culture. She is trying to experience conceptual photographic language, so she mixes different types of artistic expressions. She is also interested in video making.
ART OF NUDE | ISSUE 20 PT. 2 - The intimate inner theater
MARIKA MAGAZINE | ISSUE 350 - Bound by Gravity
MORDANT MAGAZINE | JULY VOL 5 - Nature reflection
MOB JOURNAL | BOYS BOYS BOYS VOL 4 - Down the rabbit hole
I always think that i can’t really know a person without seeing his music taste.
Know me better…
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