My name is Laura Salomoni, I am 26 years old and I live in Milan. I attended the
Mohole Academy, finishing my studies with the highest marks. 

Now I work as a photographer in different fields like concerts, weddings,
graduation parties. 
I am a collaborator of Auryn Studio in Milan. In October, I became a photography teacher for the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses at Bottega Immagine

I am a co-founder of hercole together with
Alexander Gabriel and Paola Cominetta.
hercole is a cultural association. hercole questions the current development model. It produces and disseminates art and thought, imagines practices to stimulate critical approach and generate change.

I reflect on reality and my means of expression is the image, often a pretext
and synthesis of complex reasoning. I love contaminating images, creating new
ephemeral and two-dimensional worlds. I love writing and for 2 years I have been
approaching the video world. To date I have participated in 7 exhibitions, of the
most recent I have also been curator as well as artist on display along with 16 other artists.

My motto, phrase of a song, is “I feel everything because I’ve been staring at
people for years”. I love the human being and his contradictions, I strongly believe
in collaboration, I believe that nobody saves himself alone. I believe that art is the
product of an exchange, I want to continue doing it trying to reach more people
possible. I want to continue to do so freely without barriers of means or themes.
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MORDANT MAGAZINE | JULY VOL 5 - Nature reflection
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