In your shoes
I opened my closet and I saw my new pair of yellow shoes.
I don’t wear shoes from the start of these days of quarantine. When I saw those pair of shoes I felt melancholic, I was waiting spring to use it. Now it is spring but it is in closet. However I thought also: “Now, my feet are free”.
They are free to be, but they aren’t free to go. Exactly like us.
Our feet are a symbol of this quarantine.
They reflect our desire to wear comfortable clothes because we are at home but they also reflect our impossibility to walk on our streets.
In the Middle Age the naked feet were considered symbol of inferiority and poverty. Furthermore when someone was supposed to be removed from his role, a mighty could take off shoes to him.
We are going through new roles and rules.
Our bodies and our ways to appear tell us a lot of these days
and tell a lot about us. Exactly like our feet.
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